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Ichariba Choudei ,Remembering Okinawa (OIC)- A Project by JICA OIC celebrating 10,000th Participants Milestone What is your favourite memory? favourite photograph?

Salam Muhamad

What is your favourite memory? favourate photograph?

A few weeks ago, we did briefly discuss about the above event OIC is undertaking to celebrate the success of accepting overseas participants to OIC for various courses, as the number of participants is reaching 10,000 in coming September 2013.

This also means that 10,000 former participants of different social status were/are at work/out and about in their respective countries. As of April 1, 2012 for Malaysia alone, we have sent 329 Malaysian participants to OIC since 1982 and in worldwide the number of participants has reached 9,083.

In conjunction with the Celebration of 10,000th participants Milestone, to commemorate this event JICA OIC need your help to create a website to feature a collection of images and stories representing life of past participants from Malaysia in OIC.

Well, Okinawa hold a very special place in your heart since you attended the training in IPP (System Engineer),1989. I remember you maintain a friendship web portal that provide information  about Okinawaas well as to relate and connect with all former Okinawa trainees in Malaysia and friends that reside inOkinawa too.

The person in charge of this project is a familiar person to you and me, Matsuzaki san (Terumasa Matsuzaki) the training officer we met at TIC (JICA Net course). Let’s help Okinawa:

1) Gather photos (could be any favourite spot in Okinawa, during training or in the city, beach party, farewell-closing ceremony/welcome-opening ceremony). Photos is better to provide caption.
2) Any message/impression/words of appreciation and share past memories of Okinawa
3) Or could be images/photos which could be used as part of a revolving slide show
4) Newspaper cutting/news from the local TV
5)Any stories about old friends (Malaysian/Japanese) in Okinawa
6)It could be haiku/essay/video/poem in memory of Okinawa
7)Update list of ex-participants (especially those who has since promoted like yourself, or holding certain influence position in the society and etc.)

Well, these are just some of the suggestions and you may add or adjust according to what you have in your collection. There is no specific deadline, you could consider sending in from now.

Thank you.

With Kind Regards

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