Friday, August 30, 2013


Name: Ahmad Daud
Title: Head of ICT. Public Work Department
Training: Instructor - Personal Computer Based (Mar. 22, 1996 - Oct 5, 1996)

Previously, sadly want to leave Malaysia
Now, sadly want to leave Okinawa
Says the ... did not know then do not love
However, there is Happy everywhere
Waiting for this moment some horrible persevere.
Religious honor guard
Keep the good name of the nation
Keep the reputation of Malaysia
I do trust that you

Dulu, sedih nak tinggalkan Malaysia
Sekarang, sedih nak tinggalkan Okinawa
Kata orang... tak kenal maka tak cinta
Namun, Bahagia ada di mana-mana
Tabah aje menanti saat begini.

Jaga kehormatan agama
Jaga nama baik bangsa
Jaga reputasi Malaysia
Itu amanah saya buat anda

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