Saturday, August 24, 2013


As all computer courses conducted in OIC, DP Manager Course also run by Course Leader, Sub-Course Leader and Coordinator. However it's soo strange when 80 days long course was coordinated by four coordinators for some reasons.We met Yakabi-san on first day during briefing and then she went for tour to mainland Japan with Unix class. The coordinator then pass over to Miyagi-san during the orientation week. During the lecture given by the Hasegawa-san (the course director) once again Yakabi-san was busy and pass the class to xxxx-san. Finally on our 10 days observation tour to mainland Japan, Yakabi-san was commited with her Unix course closing ceremony andTokumori-san accompany us for the tour.
Japanese sitting style by DP Manager99 officer
Yakabi-san(coordinator -JICE), Yamamoto-san (Course Leader - NTT) and Yamada-san (Sub-Course Leader - Fujitsu)give us a special pose with Japanese sitting style during the dinner party in a restaurant.

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