Wednesday, August 21, 2013


[From my book: Travelogue Japan: A Decade With JICA in Okinawa]

Why do not you go to Okinawa next month as a chief instructor?
To my great relief, I was finally finished large-scale development projects, was approached from my boss. Okinawa? Chief instructor?

That was the beginning of the fantastic my life.
I am Takashi Yamamoto, the chief instructor. Everyone of the participants, would not know the unknown life of our instructors. This time, I will show you a life of instructor.

First step, we came to Okinawa with our family apart. So we have to first get used to living in Okinawa as your participants.

And well, still not accustomed to living in Okinawa, we encouraging the training of instructors for three months. And will be required also to study English hardly. For this purpose, from morning until night every day around 21:00, we study study and study hard in the OIC. In addition, from one month ago for the first time standing on the lecture,a demonstration will be conducted in English several times. We came as a leading expert in the development project. However from now we have to teach to the participants in English. So the preparation is very very very hard
And comes a few days before the lecture, every night, we will practice the lessons toward the wall in the instructor’s dormitory.

Eventually, the appearance of your participants will now become visible in the wall.

Classes are conducted in English for 6 hours a day. In addition, we must also prepare for the question.

After the lecture, we will be very tired, will be exhausted. However, when we're done, we'll go into further preparation of the next lecture.
Hopefully by now you know a lot of our difficulties…

However, the pain like this is not a big deal. Because we know that the happiness obtained by sharing with you participants.

We, the instructor, have the honor to participants. We would like to change the opinion, and share everything with you participants.
So even though no matter how tired, we can be in contact with a smile to you. We have been waiting you participants will talk to us everyday. Also waiting for you also invite us to go to BBQ and some event.  

So, please feel free to talk to our instructor.  And in a short period of time, let's create a friend for life. We did not want to leave Okinawa. we wanted to touch with you participants indefinitely. In OIC, there is one people one world

Welcome to OIC, the smiling world.

Chief Instructor, NTT

Takashi Yamamoto

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