Saturday, August 24, 2013


DP Manager 99 Class didn't have much activity. The standard answer was... our course is pretty short to organise something. On the other hand, you guys have to take the blame because choosing me as your leader :-(.

Actually I've planned a couple of activities such as thanks giving to the sensei and beach party. However strong typhoon may be can be added as another reason for the cancelation.

Phang lost his shoe after this photo session. Who did it? ....

The only outing activity for us was dinner party at a Japanese restaurant in Urasoe. However not every could attend it for their own reasons.
Just for a record... to organise these simple dinner, I spent no less than 4 meeting with coordinator (another reason not to have another activity!!)

Yama-san, where you got the eye-glass?. Yakabi-san said you always drunk before drink

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