Saturday, August 31, 2013


Name: Muhamad Bin Ali (MBA)
Current Position: President, JICA Alumni Malaysia (myJICA)

1981: Joint Government Service as Admin officer at Department of Telecom
1983: Systems Analyst at Public Works Department
1988: Systems Analyst at Public Services Department
1989: Training: System Engineer at OIC
1990: Senior Systems Analyst at Road Transport Department
1996: MSc at Leeds Metropolitan UNiversity, UK
1997: Deputy Director at Accountant General Department
1999: DP Manager at OIC
2003: Head of Department, Hospital Selayang
2004: Senior Manager, Ministry of International Trade (MITI)
2006: Deputy Under Secretary at Ministry of Health
2010: Under Secretary, Ministry of Health
2011: Director of Compliance, MAMPU
2013: Retired.

Involement in myJICA
1990: Assistant Secretary
1991-1996: Secretary
1998-2003: Secretary
2004-2010: Vice President
2011-Now: President

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