Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Kyogi Higa, 2001

Kyogi Higa, or known as Pakcik Higa among Malaysian in Okinawa. He worked in Malaya in 1930's. Spoke fluent Malay. Went back to Okinawa after more than 10 years in Malaya. According to him, he first met Malaysian in Okinawa when he attended exhibition in Naha. He heard a few participants speak in a language that he used to it ages ago. From that moment, he never fail to visit OIC whenever new participants arrived. Almost every week he visited OIC. Sometimes we were invited to his house in Ittoman.

He came to OIC every week. He invite us to his house and he went to airport 
whenever kenshuin about to go back home.

After I came back to Malaysia, I did a plan for him to visit Malaysia. As a result, he was in Malaysia for more than 3 months.

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