Saturday, August 24, 2013


Okinawa, island of the hibiscus
Strong typhoon really scared us

Our stay in OIC
Short sweet and juicy

Our class in DP manager
Will always be remember

Two months may be shorter
However we are managers
So we are so special
Coordinated by four coordinators

Miyagi-san in the begining
Gushi-san during the planning
Tokumori-san for the touring
Yakabi-san the ever lasting

Yamamoto-san always smile, cool and never anger
Yamada-san sub-course leader
Both of you manage us the managers
Not forgetable Hasegawa-san course director
Itoyama-san the training officer

Tonight is our last
Time gone very fast
Hope to stay here everlast
But many task waiting us

Live here will become the past
Sayonara is hardly to discuss
May be jamata just for us
If God permit us
Meet again between catches ....

To all kenshuin
JICA Alumni to join
Wish to meet again next time

This is the time to remember
We all are managers
Either now or in near future
But.. hopefully not forever
Tomorrow may become director

Domo-arigato gozaimasu ta

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